Rosario Valente
digital design & strategy consultant . Paris

My name is  Rosario Valente , I am Italian and I have more than 20 years’ experience in digital and brand design.

In 2003 I founded Neotokio! the agency I ran until 2016 as Creative Director. I personally followed every single project with the passion and enthusiasm that are my trademark. I have always served my clients enjoying (nearly) every instance. I have also tried, whenever possible, to bring innovation to the web.  Over the years I have designed web sites, mobile applications, web applications and other devilish digital tricks.

Since 2017, while based in Paris, I have been offering  strategic consultancy  and  digital design  services all over the world. 

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Main services

Strategy Consulting
Social Media Consulting
Digital Brand
UX & Wireframe Design
Cost control & Scouting

Main clients

Lavazza, Replay, Aldo Coppola, Modo Luce, Giellesse, Manerba, Night Shift Entertainment, Foenix Partners, Serralunga, Armando Vicario


Webby Awards
Css Design Awards
Premio Web Italia

4 Sites of the Day
1 Webby Awards Honoree
6 Sites of the Day
Italian art director of the year
Best Italian website of the year


Web Design Index 9, Web Design Index 8, Web Design Index 4, Web Design by Content 5


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